Want to add live chat support to your website?

You have good reason to: live support enables you to talk to your visitors directly - just like a good old salesman in a retail store.

More often than not, customers are hesitant to buy for trivial reasons. A short chat can resolve these issues very quickly. By actually talking to your customers you'll quickly find out what they really want which in turn allows you to greatly improve your website.

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Why Live Support?

chat bubblesThere are obvious reasons to use live support: customers have become more demanding and don't want to wait days, or even hours, for an answer.

Various studies show that not only will initial purchases will pick up, but also customer loyalty will improve. The time is right to try live chat support on your website. There is a great number of very good providers that offer hosted live chat solutions at very affordable price rates. And setting them up on your website literally only takes minutes.

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Is live support the right thing for MY website?

If your website matches one or more of these points it may very well be worth it:

  • more than 10,000 unique visitors per month
  • your products are not entirely self-explanatory
  • your products or services can be bought online
  • you or one of your staff have enough time for live support
  • you don’t have enough conversions and don’t know why

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