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What is this site about?

This site is all about live chat tools that small and medium-sized businesses can use to improve their existing support structures.

Not long ago these kinds of tools were only, available almost, exclusively for large corporations. Enterprise software usually has two major flaws: it's very expensive and complicated to set up and use.

Welcome to the other side – where it's all about your user experience and not about the IT departments mercy.


Why did you start this website?

In early 2011 we were looking for a way to give instant feedback to our website visitors on WebsiteToolTester.com but weren't too keen on starting telephone support.

Live chat support has proven to be the right solution to keep customers happy in the most advanced stages of their buying process.

And what's more: we learned tons about our website visitors and found a great way to differentiate from our competitors!


Who is behind ChatToolTester.com?

My name is Robert Brandl and I head the ToolTester Network. We specialize in hosted web applications that are suited to the needs of small to medium sized businesses such as EmailToolTester.com. Our latest ToolTester project started in November 2015 and is called AppToolTester.com. There we review app makers that helps you create mobile applications for iOS and Android – no coding skills required!

Prior to this, I worked at an online marketing agency in Germany for almost 5 years. I advised and supported businesses, mainly larger ones, helping them successfully implement online marketing strategies and technology.


How is ChatToolTester funded?

Rather than using annoying banners or popup advertising we prefer to use affiliate links. That means if you become a happy customer with one the providers that we have reviewed, we will earn a referral fee. However, this only applies to some of the providers we profile and does not affect the outcome of our rigorous testing processes.

We are always happy to discuss our test results with you in case there are any doubts. In case you ever have any trouble with a tool that we have recommended, please let us know and we'll do our best to get in touch with the provider to help you.

Oh, and best of all: this model allows us to provide our reviews completely free of charge. If you sign up with one of the providers you won't pay a cent more than what you'd be paying anyway.


Social responsibility

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By giving microcredits to aspiring entrepreneurs of your choice you can provide much better future prospects to them. Find out more about our lender's profile here. Please feel free to provide a loan yourself!