Interview #1: Jimdo about live support and the unexpected ways their customers are using it


2 Oct 2012


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Jimdo.com is a website builder that powers more than 6 million websites. Happy customers are essential to their success as they have built their brand around fun and ease of use.

US Jimdo manager, Powen Shiah, tells us in the first installment of our interview series how and why they are using live chat.

When did you start using live chat and which provider did you choose?

We started using SnapEngage in March 2011.

Are you using SnapEngage to help new or existing customers? Or both?

We’re using live chat with both new customers and existing customers. When we first started, we seemed to get more questions from people who weren’t Jimdo customers yet, and now the preponderance seem to be existing customers.

What do you like about SnapEngage or live chat in general? What don’t you like?

Live chat in general is great! It makes it possible for us to help more than one user in “real-time” at once, which just isn’t possible with phone support.
SnapEngage in particular is really easy to work with, and it has pretty much everything we need without overwhelming us with options.

The only improvement we would like is if the tool wouldn’t change or strip out code. Sometimes users want us to take a look at code they’re pasting into their site, but SnapEngage will turn “<” into “&lt;” for example.  Users say that sometimes, long URLs that we send them get turned into short URLs. That can be confusing.

Did you do any kind of analysis to measure whether live chat has helped grow your sales?

We haven’t examined the effect in detail. Anecdotally, we’ve found people are happy to be able to ask questions to us directly and clarify immediately. Often their questions before purchasing JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness are quick and easily answered, so it’s great that they don’t have to wait to hear back from us by email. Our users also know they can reach us “live” when they have questions, so that makes them more confident about upgrading to a paid web service.

What was the most interesting or hilarious chat you or your colleagues ever had?

William actually had a girl ask if he had a girlfriend. She said that she had a friend who thought he was cute and was interested in meeting him. It was pretty awkward, but we all thought it was funny.
Powen, thank you very much for taking the time and providing all these interesting insights!

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