Interview: How This Translation Agency Uses Live Chat to Acquire Customers


15 Apr 2015


Ontranslation is a Barcelona-based translation agency, which happens to share an office with the ChatToolTester team. They don't only handle translations for large clients into any possible language but they also take care of proofreading and multilingual videos as well as voice-over production.


Using Live Chat in an Agency

oscarWhen Ontranslation founder Oscar Nogueras saw us chatting with our website visitors they became curious about the live chat tools we use.

And when you think of it, for agencies of all kinds it makes a lot of sense to use live chat. Working with clients happens on a very personal level. Just showing nice photos of your team can only do so much – talking to your visitors on the spot can be a complete game changer for client acquisition.
Let's hear what Oscar's experiences look like so far!

How do you use live chat – to talk to new or existing clients?
Basically we use live chat to contact new potential clients and collaborators. They find live chat an easy and quick way to contact us and get immediate feedback.

Have you ever gained a new client through live chat?
Yes, indeed we have. In fact, thanks to live chatting we got 2 new clients and 3 top collaborators so far, and we have just been using it for 1 year!

What do you think are the main benefits of offering live chat for an agency?
I reckon all agencies and companies should provide live chat since it’s much easier to engage potential clients by chatting with them rather than by doing it through emails. Our clients love it and I don't see many comptetiors offering live chat – so that really gives us an edge and fits well with our helpful brand personality.

What do visitors usually ask about when chatting?
They are very interested in our work methodology and they also ask some questions about fees and payment method. It’s very important for them to chat with someone since translation is sometimes almost seen as something a machine would do; using live chat we can prove that we are humans! [note from us: this is quite funny since a lot of website visitors suspect live chat to be run by bots]

What provider did you choose and why?
After checking all providers available, we chose Olark since their free service is very good and it’s non-intrusive, meaning that they do not actually ask for a huge banner saying it’s free.

What do you like about Olark? What don’t you like?
Their templates are really interesting and their customer service that we used once was spot on. We obviously chatted through their live chat widget. 🙂 I can't really think of anything negative right now to be honest.

Who takes care of incoming chats in your team?
It’s the account manager, the person responsible for dealing with potential and new clients.

What was the most interesting or hilarious chat you or your colleagues ever had?
Sometimes we want to have some fun and pretend to be a new client, asking the most strange and difficult questions so our colleague responding gets a bit confused. But in the end, we always say it’s us! He does not like it, obviously.

Thank you for the interview Oscar! Very interesting insights. If you want to give live chat a try yourself, please check out our comparison chart.

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