4 Types of Businesses Where Live Chat Makes Most Sense


21 Feb 2013


Live chat isn’t suitable for every website, but there are clearly some situations where live chat shines. There are also some very common types of website where live chat should always be up-and-running as a core feature.

Let’s look at four scenarios where live chat can really make a difference to your customers and your profitability.

1. Online Store Owner: You Want to Increase Your Sales

industriesSelling goods online can be very profitable, but it can sometimes be difficult to improve your conversion rate if your customers are not communicating with you. And let’s face it: analyzing the source of abandoned purchases and other cryptic metrics is not everyone’s favorite task.

So how do you ensure that you convert your website visitors into paying customers?

Live chat gives online stores the ability to behave almost like a real, physical store. With live chat, your sales assistants can ‘approach’ virtual customers and offer to support them with their purchase. Simply listen to your website visitors and draw your own conclusions on what should be improved to make it easier for them to buy. Just make sure that you, as the owner of the business, also answer support enquiries from time to time so you won’t lose touch with your customers.

2. Software Startup: Selling Complex Products With a Huge Range Of Options

When you’ve just launched a new software application, you usually don’t know exactly what questions customers will have about your product or which features they need most. This will be the best time to use live chat for both prospective and current customers so that you can gather as much feedback as possible.

Equipped with this customer feedback, you can put the features into your software that your customers really need. Any questions they had can then be answered with your website content and videos, a knowledge base and your FAQ pages. You can use all this knowledge to train new staff.

3. Tech Support: You Want to Outshine Your Competition

Live chat is ideal for technical support because it offers a perfect compromise for both sides. The user who needs urgent assistance can connect to a technician via live chat within minutes — there’s no need to pick up the phone and stop everything else you were doing. The help desk technician can deal with customers one by one, help them in real time and easily pass a customer to another technician if they require specialized help. Most live chat tools make it easy to set up different support levels or tiers.

Best of all, because live chat conversations are automatically archived, the technician need not make extensive manual notes. Unlike a telephone call, the majority of the information needed is logged within the chat and can be retrieved later for further analysis.

4. Freelance Entrepreneur: Giving Clients the Personal Touch

Making an impression is a major hurdle for any small business. Without an established track record, businesses can find it difficult to make that vital connection with their prospective customers.

Using live chat, entrepreneurs can make that connection with customers by offering them an instant, personal conversation. Like a telephone call, the personal touch offered by live chat helps to inspire confidence. Find a couple of pros & cons in comparision to other support channels here.

By logging on to live chat during the working day, even a sole trader can offer a vital personal connection to their website visitors without neglecting their business tasks.


Many people initially approach live chat as a support tool. But it’s much more versatile than that. We’ve only discussed four examples in this guide, but there are many, many situations where live chat can make the difference between a lost sale and a satisfied customer.

Of course, there’s more to success than simply adding live chat and hoping for the best. When experimenting with live chat, try out some of the extended features of your chosen solution to make the technology work for you.

  • Try prompting chats from users after they’ve visited a certain number of pages.
  • If you serve customers around the world, use customized prompts to invite chats in different languages and redirect them to your multilingual staff.
  • Theme your chat box for a special holiday or festival or use animations to draw the eye.

The more you integrate live chat into your business strategy, the more your website visitors will use and appreciate it – and the bigger the benefits will be.

To find a live chat tool that suits your needs, just have a look at our comparison table that lists the best providers on the market.

Do you know any further industries where live chat support makes sense? If so, please leave your comment!

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