Chat client for your customers


The chat client or chat bar is what your customers see on your website. It can look like this button for example:
Zopim Chat Interface Thumbnail

Our experience shows that it's best to position the chat client at the bottom right-hand site of your website. That's the same place where Facebook users can find the Facebook chat. Many of your website visitors will be familiar with it.

Once the website visitor clicks the button, it will expand and show a text-entry field.

Zopim Chat Client

Some chat clients will show the chat agent's photo if you set it up (OlarkSnapEngage and Userlike for example) adding a personal touch to the chat experience.

When deciding on a live chat software, be sure that the user can still navigate your site while using the chat client. Some older tools will close the active chat if the visitor changes the page on your website. (We do not review tools that have this problem).

Some providers (SnapEngage and Userlike for example) enable your visitor to create a screenshot of the current page, which can be very handy when there are specific questions.

Next steps

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