If you're looking for a provider that provides both a decent live chat support tool and also help desk, phone support and social media integration, you should take a closer look at ClickDesk.

ClickDesk is an all-in-one solution based in the US and India. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for their Lite package (that's the price per agent). It supports a maximum of 5 agents. If your support team is larger than that, you can choose the Pro plan for $14.99.

To try it out, you can start for free and get a maximum of 30 chats per month. For a full comparison of their three tiers, check this table. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect:

Check out ClickDesk

0€ /mo


Up to 30 chats included

$14.99 /mo


Unlimited chats

$24.99 /mo


Video chat integration

$39.99 /mo


White label solution

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

For the most part it’s easy. However, some settings are not intuitive right from the start. For example, proactive chats are switched on by default which can be irritating if you don’t expect it.


Add a code snippet to your site and it’s ready to go. The software supports GTalk and Skype.

Themes and Style Options

You can choose between different colors and themes. Also, you can decide whether you want a classic chat bar or a chat button.

Chat features

Chat client

Offers a wide range of features: add the agent’s image, receive phone calls through Skype or your landline, and integrate your social media profiles.

Chat agent console

Only third-party instant messengers like GTalk, Skype and third party IMs such as Trillian and Pidgin. You can use it on smartphones as well. Use /help (or \help) to show commands for special actions.

Automatic messaging

Set up automatic triggers that pop up after a pre-defined timeframe. We found them quite effective as you can specify different messages for different parts of your site. The only issue is that you can only deactivate the trigger by deleting it – a major inconvenience.

Offline mode

You can customize two fields in the offline form to ask for details like a phone number.

Shortcuts / canned messages

ClickDesk lets you specify pre-defined messages that you trigger with a command of your choice.

Tracking & live analytics


No live analytics available. You’ll receive the visitor’s basic information (country, browser) once the chat has been initiated.


Backend supports multiple languages. On our multilingual site it also worked well. Texts on the chat client can be customized and the automatic triggers can be specified via the URL. This way it’s easy to trigger automatic messages in the right languages.

Ticketing system


A help desk system is available (not tested).

Integrations and add-ons


Integrates with SugarCRM, Zendesk, Zoho, Highrise and others. Find an overview here.

Advanced Features

Team Management


Set up departments. Each department has its own website code: you can automatically send visitors of your website to sales, and users logged into the backend to tech support. Chats can also be transferred.

Mobile support / apps


Supports mobile instant messaging clients as well (e.g. GTalk, Skype or IMO.im).



Ban users


Use the command /block to disable visitors from chatting with you.

Log creation


Creates transcripts for each conversation and stores them in the backend.


  • Web App Live Chat
  • PC Email
  • MAC Phone

Excellent live support, no help section unfortunately.

Overall rating


ClickDesk is a tool visitors really enjoy using. It offers a lot of smart features. From a technical standpoint we think certain areas could be improved.

All in all, we like ClickDesk a lot. It’s certainly not perfect at the moment, but there are signs that the tools will improve in the future. We’ve experienced a couple of minor issues that, when taken into account all together, dampen the fun a little bit.

ClickDesk recently changed the way they handle the idle modes of GTalk. If you switch to “Busy” or “Invisible” your website visitors will still see you as “online,” which we found rather confusing. You have to sign out completely from GTalk to be shown as “offline.” If you are like we are, you will not always remember to sign out from your instant messenger every time you leave the desk to grab a coffee. That’s why you can tell your instant messenger to switch to “Invisible” after 3 minutes for example. Unfortunately ClickDesk doesn’t support the “Busy” or “Invisible” modes anymore, which leaves you at risk of unanswered chat requests.

On the bright side we got the feeling that our customers truly enjoyed using ClickDesk. Visitors are allowed to rate their chats, and the software probably contributed to the impressive number of five-star ratings our agents received.

For higher-rates alternatives to ClickDesk, please check out our comparison table.

Hi, I am Robert, the founder of ChatToolTester and have been following live chat software market since 2012. I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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