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iadvize logoThe logo of this French provider is easy to remember: their mascot is a genie that has escaped the bottle.

Looking more closely at iAdvize we see a tool with that seems to be strong on monitoring and analytics. Genie apparently has its eyes everywhere. Just keep on reading to find out what that means exactly.

But before we do this, let's take a look at their prices: iAdvize comes in three sizes. Small Business ($24.90 per month - max. 50,000 pageviews) and Standard ($79.90 for max. 250,000 pageviews and $129 for max. 500,000 pageviews). There's also the Enterprise plan where the price seems to be open for negotiation.

While their pricing structure may look very similar to the majority of live support providers, it's the cap on page views that makes iAdvize more expensive than most other companies in the marketplace. Let's find out if it's worth it!

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Our iAdvize rating in detail

Criterion Rating Comments
Ease of use We found that we needed a bit more time to get a grip on the functionality. Their English translations are not always perfect.
infoSetup Overall, not too difficult, although we struggled changing the layout of the chat button at first.
Appearance customization Two different basic options: the service button and a chat bar. Colors can be customized as well as the size. We found that a bit more flexibility would be nice and we aren't big fans their chat agent's stock photos.
Chat features    
info-Chat client (that customers use) 5 Pretty good: shows the chat agent's photo if you upload one, the visitor can request a chat transcript.
info-Chat agent console / use of instant messengers (IM) 4 Comprehensive console with easy access to features such as cobrowsing, past conversations and canned messages. We are missing an automatic idle feature when there is no mouse activity though. A nice add-on is the supervision console to monitor your chat agents.
info-Proactive chats & triggers Prompt people into a conversation with various triggers, such as "time spent on site," "referring keyword" or "current URL." Works really well.
info-Offline mode You cannot turn the widget into a contact form. iAdvize told us that this feature wouldn't deliver any real benefit. Based on our own experience, we don't agree.
info-Shortcuts / canned messages 5 Set up canned messages, like greetings, easily. Would be nice if they could show up while typing. Another great feature is that you can add product links, which helps your agents be more efficient.
infoTracking & live analytics You can view a list of the visitors currently on your site. A unique way of analyzing your visitors is to have a real time view of their surfing behavior - you can actually watch over their shoulders! Excellent.
Internationalization Detects the visitor's preferred language based on their browser setup. Choose from 13 languages. You may have to readjust some pre-set phrases as they sometimes sound a bit odd.
Integrations No Salesforce and Zendesk are on their roadmap. Customized solutions possible for large customers.
More features    
info-Working in a team  Yes Set up departments and forward active chats to your coworkers.
-Mobile support  Yes Visitors can use it on iOS and Android. Chat agents currently can't use it on a mobile device.
-SSL Yes Adapts to your website. If you are using SSL on your own site, iAdvize will encrypt all chat messages.
-Ban usersinfo Yes Through the chat console. It will place a cookie in the visitor's browser.
info-Log creation Yes All chats get stored and are searchable.
Support Email and FAQ Somewhat ironicly we never managed to reach them via live chat on the English website. The email support was very good and fast even though they state up to a 48h turnaround time for the Small Business plan. There's hardly any documentation available, which is a major disadvantage.
Overall rating 3.5
A strong provider that offers unique features. Compared to other tools we found, it is a bit more difficult to set up and use.

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Genie clearly has some very distinct highlights and lowlights. Let's start with the good news: the live tracking feature, where you can see how your visitors navigate your website in real-time, is something we've not seen before. It was quite an eye-opening moment when we realized that this tool enables us to gain much more insights than we ever expected with a live chat software. It's almost like an integrated usability testing engine.

There is also the supervision console that provides detailed information about the usage, conversion and customer satisfaction. It even tells you how many active agents you should have at any given moment to satisfy demand.

But as a premium provider, iAdvize should practice what they preach. Although we received first class email support while we were testing the software, we have yet to encounter a chat agent on their English site. Plus, there is hardly any documentation available and clicking the "support" link on their website brings you to a page that lists 7 FAQ's and nothing more.

Genie does offer plenty of features that sets it apart from their competition. But it's also pricey. In the end you have to decide whether you will be able to make the investment worthwhile.

For higher-rates alternatives to iAdvize, please check out our  comparison  table.


10 - 18 Jun 2013 - Initial tests

Last updated: 18 Jun 2013 | Robert Brandl


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