Giving your software the name of a whole category of applications is quite a bold move. Their name "LiveChat" clearly sends out a message: "we want to shape the market." We'll find out whether that's true.

It's worth noting that unlike other providers in this space, LiveChat bills you per concurrent user. That means one seat can be used by multiple agents, which is particularly advantageous if your team works in shifts.

There are five different pricing tiers to choose from: their most affordable package "Starter" is priced at $16 per month. If you need more than just four themes and a full chat history, you should take a look at the "Team" ($33) plan. The "Business" ($50) tier is designed for larger teams and adds a staffing prediction as well as a work scheduler module. "Enterprise" provides you with a dedicated account manager at a price of $149 per month. Find out more about LiveChat pricing here.

So what's behind their well-designed and polished website? Let's lift the curtain:

Find a more detailed LiveChat Inc. review here: http://www.chattooltester.com/reviews/livechatinc-review/ To try LiveChat 30 days for free, click here: http:... LiveChat Review - Is it any good? 2014-12-17 https://img.youtube.com/vi/sJyZpQzSDpM/hqdefault.jpg

Try LiveChat 60 days for free

$16 /mo


For small or home offices.

$33 /mo


For a full-time support team.

$50 /mo


For a customer service department.

$149 /mo


A solution for Fortune 500 corporations

Monthly prices based on 1-year contract for 1 seat (different agents can share one seat but only one can be logged in at a time).

Well designed:

not just from an aesthetic point of view – it’s a pleasure to use LiveChat.

Lots of features and apps:

they have their own helpdesk tool and now there is even a chatbot.

Prices per seat:

unlike most other live chat tools, seats can be shared with multiple chat agents (as long as there is only one user logged in at a time).


for iOS, Android as well as PC and Mac. Compared to the browser console they even have a few special features (like an automatic time-out).


LiveChat is more expensive most other live chat tools, especially if you want to set up different agent groups or need more than one automatic trigger.

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

We love the clean menus and also the loading speed of the backend. Some of the options can be a bit tricky to find at times.


Sign up (no credit card required), paste a piece of code onto your website and it’s ready to go. Changes in the backend will show without any additional code change on your website.

Themes and Style Options

Their basic widget looks very good and there are different templates. Advanced users can get additional themes from the marketplace or edit the CSS. Use one of their attention grabbers for more visibility.

Chat features

Chat client

Show your company’s logo and a photo of the operator (optional). Additionally, you can add your social media accounts. Looks great!

Chat agent console

Extremely nice and clean web interface that works perfectly. There is also an installable software for Mac and Windows. The advantage of it is that you can set a specific time after which the tool goes offline when you show no activity.

Automatic messaging

The ‘greetings,’ as they call them, can be customized with rules that you define. There is no really elegant way of hiding the chat window in case you only want to use triggered chat invitations.

Offline mode

Hide the chat bar when you are offline or change it into a contact form. There is even a full-blown ticketing system that lets you answer questions directly from within LiveChat.

Shortcuts / canned messages

Define any kind of phrases for quick access as tags.

Tracking & live analytics


Shows basic information, such as country, IP address and visited pages.


Interface texts can be customized. To fully support multiple languages, you need to set up different language groups and install different code snippets to your website.

Ticketing system


LiveChat includes its own helpdesk system that allows you to convert live chats straight into tickets.

Integrations and add-ons


Offers plenty of integrations in their marketplace: CRM’s such as Highrise and Salesforce as well as Facebook Messenger. There is also an API. Through their marketplace, it’s also easy to add an optin checkbox for newsletter services like Mailchimp.

Advanced Features

Team Management


Transfer chats from one agent to another. Also supports agent groups, where users can choose which department they want to talk to.

Mobile support / apps


Mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android are available.



There are only screen sharing options available.

Ban users


You can define how many days you want to ban the person.

Log creation


Creates a searchable chat history.


  • Web App Live Chat
  • PC Email
  • MAC Phone

They offer an excellent support section and their live chat agents are most helpful.

Overall rating


LiveChat provides a fantastic user experience due to its polished interfaces and great features. Thanks to the Marketplace it’s easy to add extra functionality.

LiveChat is one of the products we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing. It just works really well and is fun to use. We were also surprised that compared to most other live chat tools we had on our site before, the number of chat requests always went up with LiveChat. Even though we used the same setup (automatic trigger after 3 minutes).

A feature that sets them apart from their competition is the ticketing system. Offline messages go directly into this channel and can be handled more easily by your team with different statuses (open, pending, solved).

It is not the cheapest live chat software but certainly one of the best. Their support is top notch and, at the risk of repeating myself: the user-experience with their software is just fantastic. If Apple were ever thinking of acquiring a live chat software, I think they would have to look no further.

Try LiveChat 60 days for free (includes a 30% discount on your first year)

Hi, I am Robert, the founder of ChatToolTester and have been following live chat software market since 2012. I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.