Don't be surprised if one of SnapEngage's staff starts talking the weather when you are on their website. That's because their chat console not only shows them where you are in the world but also the current weather conditions. This way you'll certainly never run out of topics.

Apart from this little gadget you can also get some serious business done with SnapEngage. It's extremely easy to use for you and your employees. The most efficient way to use it is through their web interface. To learn more about it take a look at these screenshots:

$16 /mo


Minimum 3 users, includes SnapEngage branding

$26 /mo


Minimum 3 users, includes more integrations

$40 /mo


Minimum 5 users, everything includes.

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

Not difficult to set up. Some of the menus look a bit dated though, which doesn’t add to the user experience.


Add the code snippet to your website. If you change the appearance of the chat client you will have to re-insert the code to your website.

Themes and Style Options

You can choose from different buttons or upload your own one. Intro texts can’t be customized. Should have more options.

Chat features

Chat client

The chat window can be moved around and looks great. Chat agents can use their photo to make the chat more personal. Offers a call-back feature.

Chat agent console

Either use the web client or a third-party messenger (e.g. Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Zalo). Not a whole lot of fancy features in the web client but it works. Warns you before it goes into idle mode.

Automatic messaging

Can be initiated automatically after a certain amount of time and depending on the page visited. Cannot be started manually, which is a drawback. A trigger can be set if no agent responds in time.

Offline mode

Will act as a contact form but can also be hidden.

Shortcuts / canned messages

Canned messages can be set up easily in the web client. Works in your instant messenger as well.

Tracking & live analytics


Visitor details will only be visible once the chat request has been sent.


A lot of different languages for chat buttons are available. For multilingual sites you would have to insert different HTML codes to your site.

Ticketing system


Offers integrations with many ticketing systems but doesn’t offer its own solution.

Integrations and add-ons


Integrates with Batchbook, Basecamp, Highrise, Salesforce, Zendesk and many others. An API is available.

Advanced Features

Team Management


Chats can be transferred from one agent to another via the web interface or their command syntax.

Mobile support / apps


Snapengage also works on mobile phones but there is no dedicated mobile app.



Direct your visitor to certain pages. Cobrowsing commands can be set up using Shortcuts.

Ban users


Visitors can be banned. If blocked they won’t be able to start a chat for 30 days.

Log creation


Creates transcripts for all conversations


  • Web App Live Chat
  • PC Email
  • MAC Phone

Overall excellent personal support, the help section also covers the most important topics.

Overall rating


SnapEngage is uncluttered and easy to use. If you can do without live analytics and don’t mind paying a premium price, go for it!

SnapEngage is definitely an interesting option. Compared to tools like LiveChat and Olark we are missing an analytics function combined with a possibility to manually start a chat. However, many of you probably won’t even miss this option.

One thing they have going for them is the cobrowsing feature (similar to screensharing). Most of the other live chat tools had to remove it when Firefly, an external provider, stopped supporting them. SnapEngage is the only live chat software we know that is still offering it.

Its strengths are definitely ease of use and their very efficient web client that gives easy access to all the important functionalities. Visitors can even request a phone call that will then be routed through SnapEngage’s infrastructure (USA and Canada only). If all that sounds good to you, simply give it a go!

Try SnapEngage yourself for free (15-days free trial)

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